Thursday, April 21, 2016

Taking a Break

Two weeks ago my sister came into town to help me paint my entry way and hall. Yadda, yadda, yadda, we painted my dining room too. In the interests of my own sanity I took a break from writing. I gave myself permission to just skip it all for 7 luxurious days of rest...wherein I was on an extension ladder sweating myself dry and edging places that have not been touched for years. So, to review: hall, upstairs landing, dining room and three separate alcoves. It was colossal.

But, if I'm honest, part of the reason I was so happy to take a break is that I was kind of at a sticky place in Chapter 11 and, my oh my, was it ever hard to come back from ignoring it! I took a pill in Ibiza, so to speak, and stepped off the rollercoaster...

The chapter I turned in this week to my critique group ended up being short and poorly-written and I fully expect to catch flack for it. But I am so glad I've got the writers group to pull me through those times when I just don't want to write and I feel like the well is dry...or an oozing brown puddle at best.

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